Cooking Class: Ubud, Bali

Mrs. Traveling Honeymooner LOVES to cook and Mr. Traveling Honeymooner loves to eat. So naturally we wanted to take a traditional Balinese cooking class during out stay in Ubud.

We chose to take our private cooking class at Kayun Organic Restaurant and we are so glad we did! The restaurant grows all of their own fruits and vegetables in their organic garden, which is absolutely beautiful.

We started our class off by picking our ingredients from the garden, which was fun!


After gathering all of our fruits and vegetables, we headed over to the outdoor kitchen and started to cook.


The menu for the day consisted of traditional Balinese dishes like curry soup, chicken satay, fish cooked in banana leaves, hibiscus tea, and coconut salad. We chopped, grated and mixed everything by hand and after about two hours we were able to eat all of our hard work. The best part was that all of the food we made was naturally gluten free!


Overall, it was a really fun day!

Bali had so many different cooking schools, so if you are in the area we would encourage you to try one out!

Thank you for reading!


The Traveling Honeymooners