Barcelona is one of our favorite cities! There is so much to do and see, the people are kind and the weather is beautiful! Mr. Traveling Honeymooner studied abroad in Barcelona many moons ago and fell in love with the city during his stay.

Our first trip to Barcelona together was back in August 2014 and ever since then we have wanted to go back! We were finally able to make it back to this beautiful city this past June. To celebrate Mrs. Traveling Honeymooner’s grandparents anniversary, the entire family decided to take a cruise out of Barcelona, so we chose to go a few days early to spend some time in one of our favorite places.


Hotel Midmost Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Pelai, 14, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

We enjoyed our stay at Hotel Midmost. The rooms were a fair size, the breakfast buffet had a variety of foods to choose from, and the staff was very kind and helpful. The best part about the hotel was the location. Hotel Midmost is centrally located and is about two blocks from Las Rambles Street and is surrounded by shopping, restaurants and the Metro. It was very easy to get to all of the sites we wanted to see and it was easy to get a taxi at anytime during the day.

Our Sites:

Since Mrs. Traveling Honeymooner’s family had never been to Barcelona, we wanted them to experience the entire city in the short amount of time we had there so we decided to take a bike tour of the city. We had gone on this bike tour back in 2014 and loved it so we decided to take our family along for another tour. We used Fat Tire Bike Tours for our private tour. We saw so many sites and biked over 15 miles. Our group is pretty fit and all of us enjoy being outside and being active so we were OK with biking this much, but the guides would be willing to go at whatever pace works for you. Our family also loves history so our guide spent a significant amount of time telling us all about the history of each site we saw.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of all the beautiful sites we saw. I guess we will have to go back!

Tip: If you are traveling as a duo or small group, we recommend joining a group tour because you get to meet lots of people which is always fun. This is is what we chose to do in 2014. The downside is that you do not move as fast and may not have as much flexibility in the sites you want to see.

Fat Tire Bike Tours

Address: Carrer de Marlet’, 4, 08002 Barcelona, Spain







For the rest of the trip we chose to visit some of the sites that we did not get to go into during the bike tour.


We also surprised out Grandparents with a photoshoot at Parc Guell to commemorate our trip. I found the photographer on Fly Photography

Fly Photography is a super easy to use website that links travelers to a photographer in the city where they will be traveling. We loved our photographer and the pictures he took and found the service to be fairly reasonable and very reliable. Here are some photos from our photo shoot at Parc Guell! If you go to Barcelona, Parc Guell is a site to see.


Thanks for reading!


The Traveling Honeymoners

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