Fredericksburg, Texas is a quaint little town located about an hour and a half west of Austin in the Texas Hill Country. Fredericksburg is known for their wineries and beautiful scenery….what better place to go for a girls trip?!

We knew we all wanted to be together and stay in and cook one night so we decided to rent an Air B&B right outside of town. It was the cutest little house! There were cows and sheep on the property which was the coolest thing to see. The views were spectacular and the weather was cool and breezy which was a perfect break from the Houston heat and busy city life. We choose to book our house through a company called Absolute Charm and were very pleased!


We left Houston around 5pm on a Friday and got into Fredericksburg around 9:30pm so we ate in the first night. One of the girls was really smart and bought all of the food for the trip in Houston, before we left. I would recommend doing this if you are getting in late and have a kitchen! While we were there, we did not see a major grocery store. I am sure there is one, we just didn’t come across it. There are plenty of wonderful restaurants in the center of town too!

Saturday was wine tasting day! We toured three wineries and that was plenty. Since our house was a bit outside of town, we rented a party bus to pick us up from our house and take us to the 290 Wine Tasting Tour Shuttle. The 290 shuttle is a hop on-hop off shuttle that runs from 10:30am to about 4pm and costs about $15 per person. It is sooo worth it! If you buy wine at any winery, they tag it and hold it for you until the end of your tour. For all you city folk, Fredericksburg doesn’t have Uber so you have to find other means of transportation.


Our first stop was Grape Creek Winery. This was everyone’s favorite winery! They had beautiful patio seating and really good food and wine. We ordered a gluten free pizza and a cheese plate to share and it was delicious! The tasting included 6 wines for $25. I marked the wines I tried. My favorites were the Cuvee Blanc and the Bellissimo. There were multiple areas where you could taste wine which was nice because it was very busy!



The only downside to Grape Creek was that they only allow groups of 6 or less…so we had to split into two groups to get in the doors. Also, you have to be a wine club member to by a bottle and sit on the patio and drink….ANNOYING! My advice: buy three bottles of wine when you enter so you can get a free tasting and become a wine club member for the month.

Our next stop was Becker Winery. Becker had live music and a huge patio that overlooked the vineyards. The tasting room was small and PACKED! We were not in the mood to wait in line so we purchased three bottles of wine and had our own tasting on the back patio. It was perfect.



Our last stop was Fat Ranch Winery. Fat Ranch had a more laid back Texas feel to it. There was a live band, picnic tables and outdoor games to play. Fat Ranch was packed! We decided not to do a tasting because we didn’t want to wait in line so we bought three more bottles of wine to try. Fat Ranch is known for their peach wine. The peach wine was good but it was extremely sweet. It tasted like a dessert wine to me but everyone seemed to love it.


Fat Ranch was our last stop because before we knew it, the last bus was arriving to take us back into town!I think it is safe to say that everyone was ready to go home and sleep off all of the wine we had consumed.

Our original plan was to have Sunday brunch at The Herb Farm but the weather took a turn for the worse so we decided to hit the road earlier than we had planned.

By Sunday everyone was ready to head back to Houston. It was sad to say goodbye to such a beautiful place bit I can guarantee we will be back again soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Traveling Honeymooner



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