Vero Beach is located two hours north of West Palm Beach and an hour and fifteen minutes southeast of Orlando, on the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida. We love to go to Vero Beach in the winter time because the average temperature is about 80 degrees and is almost always sunny with a light breeze. Sounds like a beach lovers paradise huh?! Well it is.

Mrs. Traveling Honeymooner has spent the last twenty years visiting Vero Beach during the winter months. Her Aunt and Grandparents have homes in Vero Beach to escape from the winters of Minneapolis. Vero Beach is the perfect place to flee from the frigid Minnesota winters because the beaches are the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. Over the years, we have come up with a list of things we love to do while staying in Vero.

  1. Sitting on the beach is our all time favorite thing to do while in Vero Beach. Her family has belonged to the same beach club for the the last twenty years which we love to go to during our stay. Orchid Island is beach club oriented for the most part. However, all of the beaches are public beaches which can be accessed all along the coast line. A bonus to having public beaches are that dogs are allowed on the beaches! We love to take long walks on the beach with Bella, our baby.
  2. Vero beach has beautiful walking, running and biking trails and we love to take full advantage of these amenities during our stay! Yesterday we walked Jungle Trail which is about a five mile path along the waterway on Orchid Island. We also like to walk the Barber Bridge which is a mile long each way and overlooks the Vero Beach Memorial and the waterway.
  3. Vero Beach has a few shopping areas that are fun to explore. Recently we visited the shops on Ocean Drive which are located in downtown Vero. The Vero Beach Hotel and Gloria Estefan’s Hotel are located in this area and are great places to grab a bite to eat. If you are looking for a cute swim suit, stop into Twig! Twig has been in Vero Beach for as long as we have been visiting Vero. There are also cute shops on Orchid Island called The Village Shops. We love to visit both areas during our stay in Vero because it is so nice to walk outside and enjoy the town.
  4. What better thing to pass the time than reading a book on the beach?!  Vero Beach Book Center is a huge book store that also hosts many events during busy season. We like to stop by and pick out books to read during our stay.
  5. Golf! Mr. Traveling Honeymooner LOVES to golf! Vero Beach has hundreds of golf courses, all of which are beautiful. You can’t go wrong with any of them. However, some of them are a tad difficult…Mr. Traveling Honeymooner does his best to avoid those ones.
  6. Since we bring Bella with us when we go to Vero, we love to take her to the Vero Beach Dog Park! The beautiful dog park is located at the foot of the Barber Bridge so we like to walk the bridge then play fetch after our walk. The dog park is huge and has two sides, one for small dogs and one for large. There are plenty of dogs there during the day so Bella always has a friend to play with. Poop bags, hoses and water bowls are also provided which is great!

Overall, Vero Beach is a fantastic place to visit if your goal is relaxation! We hope you can visit Vero Beach one day to experience it for yourself!

Thank you for stopping by!


The Traveling Honeymooners

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