To check a bag or to not check a bag?….the question that always rears its ugly head every time it comes time to pack.

Let’s first discuss the benefits of checking a bag…

Checking a 49.99 pound bag allows you to bring a majority of your closet with you to your destination, just in case you need to wear a swimsuit in middle of a freeze or a parka in middle of the rainforest… yes, that was sarcastic. For some reason people feel like they need to pack hundreds of outfits for a trip…of any length. Let us tell you that you do NOT have to fill a massive suitcase with useless items that you know you will never need.

So, now that we got that out of the way let’s discuss the benefits of packing in a carry on!

First, if you pack in a carry on, you do not have to worry about packing your bag and weighing it on your personal bathroom scale, or holding your breath at the airport while they struggle to lift your bag onto the scale, hoping it will not exceed the predetermined weight capacity. Who wants to pay that $75 charge anyway?! Not us!

Also, if you pack in a huge suitcase, you have to lug around a giant, heavy suitcase for the entirety of your vacation which kind of defeats the purpose of going on a relaxing vacation in the first place. AND  not to mention your chances of losing your luggage increase exponentially if you check your bag. No one can misplace your bag, except you, if you keep all of your belongings with you.

Anyhow, the above pro & con list should really help you answer the inevitable question of To check a bag or to not check a bag?  

If you are still having a difficult time deciding if you should lug around a massive suitcase during you vacation, maybe it will help you to know that Mr. & Mrs. Traveling Honeymooner traveled for 22 days across Southeast Asia with a carry on bag and personal bag each, and we didn’t even wear all of the clothes we packed. Stay tuned for How We Traveled Around the World with Only a Carryon Bag Each!

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The Traveling Honeymooners

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