We recently repainted our home back in Houston, Texas and knew we needed some new art to fill our walls. When we travel, we like to pick things up to put in our home that remind us of the places we have been. We love Bali and we love art so we figured getting a piece of art from an art village in Bali would be perfect!

Ubud is separated into different villages. They have wood and sculpture villages, stone work villages, textile villages, art villages, etc. so it is easy to find what you want. We had an idea of the type of painting we wanted so we started asking around to find the best place. We were looking for something modern and abstract. Multiple people warned us not to purchase art from the street if we wanted the piece to last a long time, which we do. Apparently many street vendors have low quality paintings and we didn’t want that. Our guide took us to two different places which had beautiful, high quality paintings but we did not find exactly what we were looking for. One of these places was called Dewa Putu Toris, and it had a huge selection!

Our hotel Komaneka at Monkey Forest and our guide recommended that we look at a smaller gallery called Srikandi, which is about a 15 minute car ride from Monkey Forest Road, and turned out to be the place we bought our painting! It was a smaller gallery but they had plenty of unique items.

The man that was working in the gallery originally quoted us $400 for the painting.  However, since we found another painting from another gallery that was similar in size and quality that was $300, he was willing to match the price for us.

We originally thought we would ship the painting home but the post office wanted us to pay more for the shipping than we paid for the actual painting so we decided to carry it on with us on our flight home.


Thanks for following our journey!


The Traveling Honeymooners

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