My Thailand Dental Mishap

So we were sitting in the airport in Chiang Mai, waiting for our flight to Phuket and of course…. my permanent retainer comes unglued on one side.

All this girl wanted to do was to eat her paleo protein bar in peace..but the universe had other ideas of how we should spend our day in Thailand.

My first response was to try to finish my protein bar (because I was starving due to oversleeping and missing breakfast) and ignore the fact that I had a sharp wire protruding from my lower jaw but that didn’t really work.

So we started to figure out what options we had at our disposal. This was our first time in Thailand and we were not sure of the quality of medical care, all we knew was that we didn’t want to wait three more weeks until we got back to the United States to get it fixed. We started googling and I reached out to my orthodontist and a few friends back home who had been to Thailand before. The consensus was that the quality of medical care in Thailand was actually really good! So we found a place that had all sorts of certifications and booked an appointment for the following day at Sea Smile Dental. To check out Sea Smile Dental click here.

While we were waiting in the lobby, we met people who had traveled to Thailand from all over the world who were waiting for dental care. That made us feel even more comfortable.

We waited about 20 minutes to be seen by Dr. Cho and it took him about 10 minutes to glue my retainer back in it’s place. Let me tell you…he did an EXCELLENT job. Sea Smile Dental was clean and everyone there was extremely professional. The total cost of our visit was 1000 baht which is $28.04 in US dollars. Not too shabby, especially compared to the $500 I paid 6 months ago to have it put in by my orthodontist in the US!


Overall, I was very pleased with our trip to Sea Smile Dental and I would definitely come back!


The Traveling Honeymooners

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