In August 2013, we took a twelve day, five city tour of Europe. Our first stop on our European adventure was Rome. Mrs. Traveling Honeymooner is part Italian and grew up with her Italian grandmother and great grandmother, Cynthia and Violet who were major influences in her life. She grew up eating homemade pasta, pizza, lasagna, all of which are traditional Italian dishes. It is easy to see how Mrs. Traveling Honeymooners developed celiac disease as such an early age! Anyhow, Italy has always been on her bucket list so we packed our bags and headed to Rome! We hope you enjoy our photo story.




Our Hotel


Spanish Steps


The Colosseum 




The Vatican 


We ate gelato for lunch every single day.



Spanish Steps


We were only in Rome for two days but I think we walked over 35,000 steps each day. We explored as much of the city as we possibly could. Clearly we were not able to see everything that we wanted to see, but we know we will be back!

Thanks for stopping by!


The Traveling Honeymooners

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